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City Dog (Guest Post)

Being a dog and/or dog owner in the UK should be easy, right?  At least that’s what you might be led to believe.  As a Londoner and relatively new owner of a young pupper of around 11 months, I’ve come to understand a few things.  Things that don’t align with my romanticised fantasies of strolling through London with hound by my side, sharing plates of pasta whilst playing cat and mouse with the pound.  Many a time have I caught myself regurgitating phrases like ‘it’s a dog’s life’ and ‘man’s best friend’ - and whereas this may be true in most parts of the UK, I’ve come to the slow realisation that things may not be quite what they seem in doggy haven HQ.  Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a country canine then you’re probably riding the easy train to comfort town but when it comes to London living, life may not be quite so simple.

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Dogs and Cats of Ikaria in Pictures

While I was happily searching for lizards, taking notes and some 'practical' photographs of the non-artistic sort, my husband, patient as he is, was happily making friends with the local cats and dogs we found on the island. As you can see, his photographs were a lot more artistic and so I thought that both him and the little guys he's photographed surely deserve a post of their own. 

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The Brazilian Pet Industry & Wildlife Trade

At the end of April I went back to Sao Paulo in Brazil for my cousin's wedding and to visit my family. It'd been nearly three years since the last time I'd been to Brazil, so as you can imagine, lots had changed.

I grew up in Sao Paulo - a city that developed way too quickly for its own good and without the much needed planning it deserves. However, despite the changes, it was very familiar. The constant rush of people, the incredibly large number of cars and subsequent bad traffic, the lack of green areas and the most heartbreaking part of it - the large amount of street dogs. I may sound too critical of my hometown and that is exactly what I am. I criticise it because I love it and appreciate its potential.

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