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Do you speak Lizard?

Keeping exotics takes an enormous amount of preparation. First and foremost, you need to do some serious research into the captive care of these creatures to make sure you provide for all of their basic needs. You must also find a good exotics specialist vet who will be able to treat your animal should the need arise. However, I believe it is absolutely essential to research and understand their lives in the wild if you are to provide them with the happiest life they could possibly get in captivity.

For that reason, I am a firm believer that mimicking their natural habitat as best as you can enriches their lives and encourages their natural behaviour. Having said that, I appreciate that 'mimicking' their natural habitat is not always easy or practical. 

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Mushu's Gone Black and He's Never Going Back

The never ending battle of trying to get your bearded dragon to eat his greens. For some silly reason, I never thought about the fact that they too seem to get bored with their food. That they too like variety. However, when your dragon stops eating his greens/insects, you know it’s time for a change in menu.

After a long trial and error period, today I am pretty clear on Mushu’s favourites and least favourites. Let me begin by saying that to Mushu, size definitely matters. With the exception of waxworms (his favourite type of junkfood), he prefers big insects. He tends to eat the bigger ones and completely ignore the smaller ones. 

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