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City Dog (Guest Post)

Being a dog and/or dog owner in the UK should be easy, right?  At least that’s what you might be led to believe.  As a Londoner and relatively new owner of a young pupper of around 11 months, I’ve come to understand a few things.  Things that don’t align with my romanticised fantasies of strolling through London with hound by my side, sharing plates of pasta whilst playing cat and mouse with the pound. 

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The Common Lizard (Zootoca Vivapara)

The Common Lizard (Zootoca (formerly Lacerta) Vivapara) is one of the most adaptable and widespread reptiles in Central and Northern Europe. In fact, unlike any other species, it can be found as far north as the Arctic Circle in Norway. With reptiles being almost exclusively ectothermic, seeing a lizard thrive in mostly cold climates is truly amazing. 

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Glass Frogs (Family Centrolenidae) and the Cuyaba Dwarf Frog (Eupemphix Nattereri)

Nature is full of creatures with amazing ways to defend themselves. Aside from loss and contamination of natural habitat, predation is one of the greatest causes of death in amphibians.  In fact, studies show that the vast majority of frogs and toads will not survive long enough to produce offspring.

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