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The Yellow Cururu Toad (Rhinella icterica)

A few weeks ago, I was tidying up my portable hard drive and came across a few photographs that my brother took of a couple of Yellow Cururu Toads (Rhinella icterica) copulating.  He'd found them during a trip to the countryside of Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the end of 2011 - towards the end of the species' breeding season.

The R. icterica is an endemic species that can be found in Brazil, eastern Paraguay and the northeastern part of Argentina. It is considered to be a large toad species with males ranging from 100 - 166 mm in length and females ranging from 135 - 190 mm. Due to its sexual dimorphism, it is easy to differentiate males and females of this species - males have a distinct yellow colouration whereas females tend to be a greyish/brownish colour with symmetrical dark spots on either side of their spinal cord.

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