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It's Just a Pigeon

I often find myself confused and disappointed at how we humans seem to rank the priority of life based on our perception of what deserves to be saved and what does not. This 'importance ranking system' of ours is often influenced by our upbringing and personal preferences. However, society as a whole tends to have a 'lose guideline' when it comes to the importance of different animal's lives.

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Open Up Your Gardens! Hedgehog Conservation In The UK

I appreciate that there are many endangered indigenous species in the UK. As a keen herpetology enthusiast, it hasn't escaped my attention that the natterjack toad, for instance, is definitely a species in trouble. However, I would like to dedicate this post to another one of my favourite little guys - hedgehogs. 

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Changing Humans' Perception of Reptiles and Amphibians

This Easter break I was pleasantly surprised. My better half and I went to visit the family in the countryside of England. While strolling around the farmer's market, we noticed a little commotion outside the town's local pet shop. The local pet shop owners had prepared a special Easter display for the kids with a few animals for them to see and interact with - and I must say that despite the cold, the adults seemed to be enjoying it too. 

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