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Magizoology and Zoology

According to Pottermore, had I attended Hogwarts, I would have been placed in Ravenclaw. I’m not sure whether the description of the house fully describes me but since I really like Ravens, I’m pretty happy with that assessment. What I do know, is that were this the wizarding world, I would likely have pursued a career in Magizoology.

Like many people, I have read all 7 of the Harry Potter original series books. I first read them in Brazilian Portuguese when I was a child and later in English when I was a teenager. It’s interesting to see the slight changes in the Portuguese translated version - changes that I assume were meant to make the newly created words of the Harry Potter world feel more ‘Brazilian’. I also watched all the films in both languages, and the English version numerous times.

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The Common Egg-Eater (Dasypeltis scabra)

Taking a trip down memory lane is always a gamble. We've all had good and bad experiences but I think it's fair to say that both help shape us into who we are today. 

A while ago whilst visiting my mother-in-law, I started to truly appreciate the impressive bookshelf that my husband cultivated as a child. Reading has always been one of his favourite things to do. His bedroom's bookshelf (the one he had as a child) is filled with fantasy books. Next to these books is a picture of his child-self smiling whilst pointing at the spider climbing his naked torso. To this date, he still loves spiders and other critters, which brings me to my biggest find on the bookshelf - a book called 'Amazing Snakes' written by Alexandra Parsons which is part of the 'Amazing Worlds' series published in 1990. As I understand it, this was a birthday present he got alongside the 'Amazing Spiders' book of the same series that was nowhere to be found. 

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Snakes And Their Bad Reputation

When people find out that one of my pets is a snake, their first reaction tends to be a fearful 'yuck' followed by 'Does it bite? Is it poisonous?'. There are a few things wrong with these questions but let's first address the fearful 'yuck' reaction.

Most people's initial reaction to reptiles is usually not good. However, unlike any other type of reptile, snakes seem to instill an immediate strong fear reaction. There are a number of reason as to why that is the case. Some studies suggest that the fear of certain creatures are rooted in evolution. However, as we grow, this fear tends to be exacerbated by unrealistic society trends as well as lack of knowledge. Therefore, I am a strong believer that education is the best way to tackle this issue and prevent the unnecessary killing of snakes based on fear and misconceptions. 

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