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Review: The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf

This week, the Science Museum in London hosted an event featuring Andrea Wulf's latest book 'The Invention of Nature: The adventures of Alexander Von Humboldt - the lost hero of science'. The event was organised by the British Society for the History of Science and was presented in a conversation format between Wulf herself and Gaia Vince, the author of 'Adventures in the Anthropocene'.

Wulf started off by describing what motivated her to write about Humboldt. She briefly covered her travels to the same places he visited and her research into both his personal life and career goals. She discussed Humboldt's passion for nature and his then novel vision of nature as a living organism. She talked about his upbringing, personal connections and personality flaws. She reminded everyone of a man who viewed nature as a fragile ecosystem that could be easily destroyed by human actions. A man, who Wulf described as 'the bridge between the sciences and the arts'. 

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