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Parasitology: Snake Mites (Ophionyssus natricis)

Parasitic infections are not only one of the most common types of diseases in reptiles and amphibians but it is also one of the main causes of death in reptiles. In this post, we will focus on any reptile keeper's nightmare - mites!

The most common type of mite to infect reptiles is the Ophionyssus natricis, commonly known as Snake Mite. However, please note that reptiles and amphibians can be infected by other types of mites as well. 

Mites are ectoparasites. This means that they live on the surface of their host's body and so are usually visible to the naked eye. They mostly affect lizards and snakes with tortoises showing lower numbers of this type of parasitic infection. They are an absolute nightmare to control if you have a numerous collection of reptiles as they can be transmitted from one reptile to the other and can carry diseases as well as cause disease themselves. Interestingly, snake mites can be transmitted to humans and cause septicaemia by transmitting bacteria - this is known as Zoonoses.

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