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Female Science Bloggers & Writers

Talking about female science bloggers with a friend of mine, I suddenly noticed that not many of the science blogs that I read on a regular basis are written by female science bloggers. As I support equality and am therefore a feminist, I was rather shocked to find this bias in my own views, albeit subconscious.

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The Red-Footed Tortoise Turning into a Pyramid (Chelonoidis carbonaria)

Out of all reptiles in existence, tortoises are one of the most widely kept as pets. This is not surprising considering that unlike other reptiles, they are perceived as mostly docile and non-threatening to humans. There's also, of course, the cuteness factor. Unfortunately, humans seem to be just as uninformed regarding their needs and husbandry as they are of any other reptilian order.

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The Tale of the Missing Tail

In September this year, Mushu had to have his tail amputated and it all started with a blood sample test.

For a couple of months, Mushu had been refusing to eat. I had been monitoring his mass (more commonly referred to as weight) and bowel schedule for some time. Although his mass didn't seem to be affected, he went through nearly 3 weeks without defecating. That's when I decided that a vet visit was in order.

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