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Radioactive Springs, Lizard Crossing & Sunburnt Skin

Last time we were in Ikaria, we talked about visiting one of the many famous hot springs around the island but got too distracted by the beautiful walks to actually do it. This time, we made a point of finding one and having a relaxing bath. So, we set out to do some research on the geothermal springs available around the island. It was during this research that we discovered a very interesting fact about Ikaria's hot springs - they are amongst the most radioactive in the world. 

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The Common Lizard (Zootoca Vivapara)

The Common Lizard (Zootoca (formerly Lacerta) Vivapara) is one of the most adaptable and widespread reptiles in Central and Northern Europe. In fact, unlike any other species, it can be found as far north as the Arctic Circle in Norway. With reptiles being almost exclusively ectothermic, seeing a lizard thrive in mostly cold climates is truly amazing. 

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