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Hiking in Cornwall

Back in September, Alex, Casper and I spent a week in Cornwall on a hiking trip with the in-laws. The trip was really fun and Cornwall was, as expected, incredibly beautiful. We stayed at a little boutique dog friendly hotel in Penzance called Artist Residence. The room included a little dog bed and they even provided Casper with some yummy dog treats! I shared a few photos and videos of the trip on my instagram. However, I thought that I would mark this trip by sharing a few of the highlights on my blog.

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Betty, Goat Pens and Greek Spice Girls

We decided to hike up the mountain to one of the oldest and most historically significant villages in Ikaria, Lagada. To avoid getting lost in this undeveloped part of the island, we figured that taking a dirt road would make the climb by foot easier. We were wrong.

Despite the lack of 'scrambling', the extreme heat and unrelenting sun that day, made the walk up feel like what I would imagine hell feels like. It may come as no surprise, therefore, that we only managed to make it to the village of Vrakades, before deciding to leave the walk to Lagada for another day.

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Sandals, Birds & Terrapins

My mother-in-law is one of those superwomen. You know, the ones that make your feminist-self fill with pride and aspire to be like. The independent type that travels all over the world on their own and comes back with amazing stories that are told with an incredible amount of humility. She also seems to have an amazing gift for giving tips on travel gear. That's where the sandals come in. 

Three years ago when we were planning our first trip to Ikaria, she told us to get some walking Ecco sandals. I must admit that I am not a fan of sandals in general. I was even less impressed by the idea of hiking for hours and hours wearing them. However, having previously had other great pieces of advice from her, I thought why not? Let's have a look at the Ecco sandals.

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