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The Challenges Faced by Urban Wildlife

It is no secret that animals have had to adapt in order to survive in an ever changing environment. However, the human induced changes seem to always be the most challenging ones. Yet, we humans seem to think that we have the right to feel victimised when the way in which animals adapt to our changes affect our lives.

Take pigeons for instance. Humans love complaining about pigeons. It is not uncommon for a human to react to the simple mention of a pigeon by saying something on the lines of ‘I hate pigeons! Bloody flying rats!’. However, considering we have pretty much invaded their territory and permanently changed it, I would argue that they are simply making the most of it. It appears that, similarly to actual rats, the urban life-style suits them just fine.

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Open Up Your Gardens! Hedgehog Conservation In The UK

I appreciate that there are many endangered indigenous species in the UK. As a keen herpetology enthusiast, it hasn't escaped my attention that the natterjack toad, for instance, is definitely a species in trouble. However, I would like to dedicate this post to another one of my favourite little guys - hedgehogs. 

Hedgehogs have been having a very tough time over the past 100 years and are now considered one of the most endangered indigenous species in the UK - so much so that studies claim they could be completely extinct by 2030. Reasons for such decline in their numbers can be attributed to many factors that when combined, make for a difficult environment for these little guys to thrive. From urbanisation resulting in a loss of habitat to pesticides eliminating their food, they were forced to move into our gardens. However, our gardens too prove to be challenging. Rat poison, strimming, mowing and even our fences have had a huge impact on their survival.  If you would like greater details on the studies mentioned, please visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) and The Wildlife Trusts websites. 

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