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TetZooCon 2019

I cannot think of many events to which I look forward as much as TetZooCon every year, and I am glad to report that this year’s event did not disappoint. Once again, Darren Naish and John Conway managed to put together an incredible panel of talks and palaeoartists for all of us Tetrapod Zoology fanatics to enjoy. Prepare yourselves, my friends, because this post will be a VERY long one!

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Visiting the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

Visiting natural history, palaeontology and science museums whenever I visit a new city is something of a tradition to me. This time, I had the pleasure of visiting the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona or Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona. The museum is located in a part of Barcelona that I can only describe as what looked like the ‘business’ quarter. Getting there from the centre of Barcelona was pretty easy and the Museum is a very short walk from the Meresme-Forum metro station.

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Review: National Geographic - Inside Animal Minds

Having exhausted all my book options over the two-week travel to Ikaria, I stopped by a WH Smith at Athens airport to find something to read (in English) to entertain myself during the flight back to the UK. I immediately spotted Brandon Keim’s National Geographic publication called Inside Animal Minds and knew that I was set for the flight.

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