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It's Just a Pigeon

I often find myself confused and disappointed at how we humans seem to rank the priority of life based on our perception of what deserves to be saved and what does not. This 'importance ranking system' of ours is often influenced by our upbringing and personal preferences. However, society as a whole tends to have a 'lose guideline' when it comes to the importance of different animal's lives.

I was on my way to work a couple of days ago, when I noticed something dark in the middle of the pavement. I noted people walking around it. Kids going past on their mini scooters - nearly running it over. No one tried to move whatever it was from the middle of the pavement. In fact, no one really paid it any attention at all. From a distance, I thought it was a small plastic bag - my bad eyesight has failed me more times than I can count - but based on people's reactions to the unidentified item, my brain quickly assumed it was something inconsequential. I soon realised how very wrong my brain was. 

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Changing Humans' Perception of Reptiles and Amphibians

This Easter break I was pleasantly surprised. My better half and I went to visit the family in the countryside of England. While strolling around the farmer's market, we noticed a little commotion outside the town's local pet shop. The local pet shop owners had prepared a special Easter display for the kids with a few animals for them to see and interact with - and I must say that despite the cold, the adults seemed to be enjoying it too. 

You must be thinking - that doesn't sound all that surprising. You may have actually seen something similar before. The surprise came in the shape of a beautiful adult 'candycane' corn snake. And that was only the initial surprise. They also had additional reptile vivariums set up (although when I stopped by, they seemed to have been empty) and a giant african land snail. I was definitely chuffed that the kids got to have a look at these amazing animals. However, my exaggerated happiness was actually due to the fact that the pet shop owners had included such animals in their display at all. 

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