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The Ford versus Naish Smackdown

How often have you read an article that takes a piece of scientific research, misinterprets the evidence presented and blows the results way out of proportion?  The titles of such articles tend to be the sensationalist types, using explosive statements that are guaranteed to get the general public's attention, aka 'click bait'.  This is pretty much what Ford's presentation sounded like - a bunch of decisive, explosive and sensationalist statements that in reality, meant absolutely nothing. 

On the 15th March, Conway Hall hosted what was supposed to be a debate between Brian J Ford and Dr Darren Naish.  Ford is about to publish a book in which he argues that all dinosaurs were, in fact, aquatic.  Yes, you read it right - ALL dinosaurs.  Now, to call it a debate would be generous.  That implies that both sides had well researched and founded arguments, which wasn't the case.  In fact, it felt very much like an argument between a sensible adult and a petulant child throwing a tantrum - which is ironic considering how many times Ford accused palaeontologists (in general) of being childish and simple-minded. 

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