Review: Cold Blood - Adventures With Reptiles And Amphibians by Richard Kerridge

Although I absolutely adore reading about wildlife, when it comes to the usual nature writing book, I tend to struggle with the cheesiness. Now, I don't mean to say that all nature writing books are cheesy. In fact, there are some very good nature writing books out there. However, generally speaking, the vast majority of these types of books will contain a certain element of human philosophy and self-discovery through nature that, to be completely honest, bores me a bit.

When Cold Blood first came out, I was pretty excited for a couple of reasons. Number one, this was an actual fairly famous nature writing book about reptiles and amphibians. Number two, for the first time ever, it was quite possible that I would empathise with the cheesy bits rather than be bored by them. I am happy to announce that the verdict is extremely positive.

Kerridge manages to relay his passion for these creatures not only in a touching way but also in a distinctly informative way. He manages to educate the readers about different types of reptiles and amphibians whilst keeping the readers captivated with the story. In short, he educates people in an engaging and fun way - like an exceptionally good teacher that makes you fall in love with a subject that you may not have otherwise enjoyed. Therefore, you can imagine what his book meant for someone like me. Someone who shares his passion and fascination.

If you like reptiles and amphibians, you will want to read this book. If, however, you have never thought about reptiles and amphibians before, you most definitely need to read this book. You will fall in love with them and thank me afterwards.